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GLX Boost Scooter

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The new “Boost Dial” Technology allows the parents or rider to fine tune the Boost to the right degree of lean, specific to the rider’s weight or riding style. There is no other Lean-to-Steer, 3 Wheeled Scooter on the market that can compete with the Boost’s age and weight range with the ability to grow with the child at this price point. Max weight 140 lbs, Ages 2 – 13 Innovative Adjustment Boost Dial. Allows rider to adapt the scooter to their weight and riding style. Improved Detachable, Expendable Handle Innovative Seamless Rear Brake Handle adjustment upgraded to Six Height Positions for Ages 2 – 13 Larger 125mm LED Front Wheels, They Light Up!!! Wide Stable Back Wheel Aluminum Reinforced Non-Slip Deck